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500 HP Electric Motor,

Mc Englevan Tilting Furnace
   Model T-80, With Crucibles

Cedar-Rapids 6'X30' Rotary Dryer-SOLD
    With Burner and Drive

Fluid Bed Dryer, 4'6" X 21' Long Bed

Double Screw Holoflite
   16" x 16' Long Each
   On Stand

Bird Decanter Centrifuge, 18" X 42" Bowl
With 30 HP, 230/460 Volt, 755 RPM Motor, Maximum RPM 2400

Alfa-Laval Decanter Centrifuge
Model (type): NX310 B31/4187/1
   With 20 HP, 230/460 Volt, 1765 RPM, TEFC motor

Micron Air classifier
   Model: MS-1
   With .75Kw Motor Thru V-Belt Drive, Maximum RPM 2300

Alpine Augsburg Air Classifier Approx. 6' Diameter
   Type No. A1000 MPV1

Eagle Screw Classifier, Approx. 36" X 24'- SOLD
Mild Steel, Flared Tank,
   With 15 HP Motor

Alpine Augsburg Air Classifier Approx. 6' Diameter
   Type No. A1000 MPV1

Flex-Kleen Baghouse 15,000 CFM Dust Collector
    Approx. 2,500 Square Ft Cloth Area

Baghouse 7,500 CFM Dust Collector
Model: 84-NF-100-C
   1,000 Sq Ft

Baghouse 1,000 CFM Dust Collector
   Model: 36KS
   Approx. 300 Sq Ft

10' Diameter x 10' Carbon Steel Tank
   5,900 Gallon Capacity

10' Diameter x 7' Carbon Steel Tank
   4,000 Gallon Capacity

8'6" Diameter x 9'6" Carbon Steel Tank
4,850 Gallon Capacity

8' Diameter x 8'2" Carbon Steel Tank
   3,000 Gallon Capacity

6' Diameter x 7' Fiberglass Tank
   1,500 Gallon Capacity

5' Diameter x 8' Fiberglass Tank
   1,200 Gallon Capacity

4' Diameter x 4'6" Carbon Steel Tank
   425 Gallon Capacity

Supersak 5'x'5x7' Tall Unloading Station
   With Screw Discharge