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                       Slushers and Buckets

Ingersoll-Rand 75 NM 2-Drum Electric Slushers (4 Ea.)
   With 75 HP Motors, 2300 Volt, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand 50MNM-4C, 3-Drum Electric Slusher
   With 50 HP Motor, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand 50NM-4D, 2-Drum Electric Slushers (2 Ea.)
  With 40 HP Motors, without cable

Joy B2F-211, 2-Drum Electric Slusher 
  With 30 HP Motor, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand 30 MMM3B Drum Electric Slushers (2 Ea.)
   With 30 HP Motors, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand 30MN2D Slushers (4 Ea.)
   With 30 HP Electric Motors, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand KNNN-2G, 3-Drum Air Slusher
Without cable

Ingersoll- Rand H5NNIJ, 2- Drum Air Slushers-(4. Ea)
   With 5 Cylinder Air Motor, without cable

Ingersoll-Rand A5NN0H, 2-Drum Air Slushers
   Without Cable

Gardner-Denver HEE, 2-Drum Air Slusher-SOLD
Without Cable

Wagner ST-3.5 Ejector Bucket

Pacific 48" Slusher Buckets (2. Ea)

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